Center for Marketing and Consumer Health

Vision and Objectives of the Center

This research group in this center applies marketing theories and methods to improve consumer health. Faculty in the center examine a wide range of issues, particularly at the interface of consumer decision-making, technology, and public and social policy. The center facilitates the coordination of joint research projects among the participating faculty and with other potential collaborators across other units on campus. The major objectives of the Center are:

  • To provide a forum for researchers in the area social marketing and consumer health to collaborate on joint projects,
  • To foster research on the content, process, and delivery of health-related messages,
  • To create a speakers series featuring prominent academic researchers and health practitioners.  
  • To support faculty and graduate student exchange programs with Institute for Communications and Health at the University of Lugano.

Each objective is designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of interventions designed to improve consumer health.  

General Nature of the Faculty in the Center

The Department of Marketing has developed a unique niche in the area of relationship development and few schools have as many talented researchers in this area. Currently, four faculty members are actively involved in the study of marketing and consumer health. Dr. David Brinberg, R.O. Goodykoontz Professor of Marketing and Professor of Psychology, has conducted research in parenting and childhood obesity, HIV prevention in South Africa, NGO sustainability, and the development and delivery of tailored health information.  Dr. Kent Nakamoto, R.B. Pamplin Professor of Marketing and Department Head has worked in the area of marketing strategy and marketing research and has particular interests in the areas of physician decision making and the policy issues associated with cradle-to-coffin management of consumer products that create health risks (such as CCA treated lumber).   Dr. Julie Ozanne, professor of marketing, has conducted several studies that examine the delivery of health care in rural settings and the impact of illiteracy on health outcomes.   Dr. Joe Sirgy, professor of marketing, is a nationally reknowned scholar in the area of quality-of-life studies in marketing. These faculty are directing the research of several master and Ph.D. theses that examine various aspects of consumer health.